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Louvers are angled slats that allow light and air to pass through but block out rain sunlight, and noise. They may be opened and closed with a metal lever, pulleys or through motorized operators. Modern louvers are made of aluminum, metal, wood or glass but the most widely used ones are metal louvers due to their durability, cheaper rates, and diversity in aesthetics and construction.


Why Ambica Industries?

Ventilation is no joke when it comes to architectural needs. What is being demanded is a combination of quality, aesthetics, and convenience. While demand often doesn’t meet the supply, Ambica Industries makes sure it does.
We have AMCA certified louvers for our clients to assure of the quality that they are choosing.
We offer the best in industry convenience in service, options and advise. And also, we know it’s not all about technical specifications, we have all kinds of aesthetically pleasing type of Louvers to suit your architecture. Thus, with Ambica Industries you are getting the best of 3 worlds that
any industry can offer! Get in touch to know more.

What Are The Types Of Louvers We Offer?

We, at Ambica Industries, offer the best quality and variety as you can see below.
Based on the patterns and structure, louvers are classified as Extruded Louvers and Fabricated Louvers.
The Extruded Louvers are further classified as:
  • Adjustable Louvers: The blades can be rotated to your convenience to resist air and water leakage.
  • Brick Vents Louvers: These can be used for permanent ventilation of hung ceilings. chimney and crawl spaces like situations.
  • Combination Louvers: the have both stationary and adjustable blades in a single frame for optimum operation control.
  • Drainable Louvers: They are designed to prevent water penetration through wall openings by drainable blades.
  • Narrow Profile Louvers: They have less resistance to water penetration but excellent exhaust ventilation.
  • Pent Houses: They are removable Louver hoods with weather-resistant blades.
  • Sight-proof Louvers: They prevent visual to pass through and thus maintains the privacy.
  • Stationary Louvers: they are designed for moderate water penetration resistance, intake, and exhaust ventilation
  • Storm Class Louvers: They can bear the most severe weather and rain conditions

The Fabricated Louvers further classified as:

Acoustic Louvers:
They have blades specially designed and adjusted to lower or escape the noise.
Adjustable Louvers:
As these are fabricated, they are adjustable to a high volume intake.
Get a free quote and measure your needs to get the optimum solution now!

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