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Color Powder Coated Ventilator

Color Powder Coated Ventilator

Ventilation is accomplished with the mechanism to bring fresh air from outside and control indoor air quality. Having a proper and well-designed ventilator system helps to remove harmful contaminants and provide a safe and healthy workspace.

Color Powder Coated Air Ventilator

Types of Air Ventilator Available

  • Aluminium Air Ventilator
  • Steel Air Ventilator

A color powder coated ventilator is the best range to provide this service with the best quality of aluminium or stainless steel material. Using industrials best raw material with the high standard technique, this powder-coated ventilator is highly recommended for its quality work and less maintenance. Its durability brings fresh air from outside and protects from fire and explosion kind of hazards.

This mechanical type of ventilator is easy to install on a roof or window that follows the process to make a good quality of air. That purely depends on the weather, for example, in warm and humid weather, a positive ventilation process is required to bring air from outside. Conversely, in cold weather, a negative ventilation process is required to throw air from inside. So this both balanced mechanical ventilation process is in colour powder coated ventilator that maintains the air quality in any situation.

This mechanical coated ventilator system has types, and each type has it’s a mechanism of fans, process control, pros and cons.

Exhaust-Only Ventilation is consists of a common fan that exhaust indoor air, it brings out air from inside and balanced the quality of air. It has a minimum cost to installation and operating processes. It is normally used in warm weather.

Supply-only ventilation system is allowed to enter fresh and controlled air from outside. It is a dedicated central Fan Integrated system (CFIS) that reduces contaminants entering through the building enclosure and brings the best quality of air inside. It is also a low installation cost but has a high operating cost.

Balanced ventilation system is a combination of exhausted and supply methods, which brings the best result. There is the highest installation and operating cost due to equipment and additional ducting.

You will never be sure about which ventilation system is best for which industry. But it will defiantly bring the best result to make a healthy and quality workplace.




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